Tourists in Thailand watches Unloading an elephant from truck

Love of lady with elephant becomes famous in Thailand. It was really very horrible as how elephant drag to girl towards him in the beginning of the given video. It looks as she was used to for this as she did not show any annoying attitude towards elephant after this. She was playing with him and also caring for him with hand fan.

Elephant also kissed her when she was much closed to him. She was also taking care of him from unwanted insects which were disturbing him. Actually, Thailand is very famous due to its elephant which are going to be extinct due to hunting. People are used elephant for earning purpose as people used for massage of tourists in Thailand.

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Many people come in Thailand from European countries and also fond of atmosphere of Thailand which is lovely. Tourists also come in Thailand for shopping purposes as they get things economical rather than their own countries. Talking about elephants, they are very famous in Thailand as people enjoy elephant massage in Thailand.

People consider it necessary when they are in Thailand to have elephant massage. They are trained for this and do very wonderful massage of people on the beach. Actually when people are gone for bathing and they firstly get elephant massage and then have a bath at beach. After watching video of female and elephant, it looked as people of Thailand are also too much attached with elephants.

She was caring too much of her elephant as elephant also wanted some care from her. There was wonderful boding looking between the girl and the elephant as elephant was very free with her. Even elephant was trying to sleep in her lap but it was not really possible for her. However, he was near to him and tapping him like little child.

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