The Real Face of Female Anchor Surprises Everyone

Leaked pictures of a Pakistani female anchor has become viral over the social media. The female anchor was seen in pleasantly mood with friends and cutting birthday cake at new channel studio. Someone in the channel has shared the private party footage on social media.

Female anchor was criticized on social media for using unethical dressing in private party. However, behind the camera the new channel staff also has all the rights to amuse with each other. Staff in private channels has often seen in pleasant mood with each other. They spend time behind the camera like close friends. More often they are seen like a small family.

News Channel industry in Pakistan has become very advance in last couple of years. In competition channels were needed to make a lot of changes. International media has given a very tough time to the news industry in Pakistan as well. The job responsibilities of news anchor have also become very tough with the time.

Every female anchor in Pakistani industry has to become highly professional in comparison to the international media. However, salaries in Pakistani new channel industry are not as better as they are in international media. International channels are offering more attractive packages to presenters than in Pakistan.

Presenters in Pakistani news channel industry have also started to move towards international media in search of better job opportunities. Pakistani channels will have to upgrade the salary packages with needs of time. If these measures are not taken, there will be a shortage of experienced news anchor in Pakistani news industry as well.

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