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Wild Lions tries eating alone car rider

A Wildlife park worker was stuck between bunches of Wild Lions in middle of snow filled mountains. However, the brave man was not confused and came out of trouble using his mind. He not only saved his life but also set an example for others to follow in such conditions. Very often it has noticed that people get into problem […]

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Eagle comes face to face with Cobra Snake

A wild eagle comes face to face with a beast Cobra Snake at a forest. The rare fight was also captured by the cameras of wildlife TV Channel. The documentary becomes very popular in the people. Cobra Snakes watched over media and many shared it on the social networks. You may have seen many thrilling and action packed wildlife documentaries […]

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Tough Eagles Wrestles Cobra Snake over Prey

A brave hearted Eagle decided to snatch the lunch of a wild Cobra Snake in a forest. They were captured on camera film by an animal planet documentary team. The stunning wrestling contest to get prey by two kings of different territories becomes very popular on TV. Cobra Snake rules the lands in Jungles and the Eagle rules in the […]

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Snake with Human Head surprised people

A very strange creature having the body of a Cobra snake and the head of human has surprised the people. The snake was discovered by some aborigines in Malaysia and was taken to a protective wildlife facility. The animal watchers rushed towards the animal park to see the amazing snake. The cobra snake is basically originated from India but it […]

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