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Amjed Sabari Culprits Gets arrested in Karachi

Amjed Sabari Culprits were arrested in Karachi last afternoon after a very long time. There were many speculations about the incident. It was told in the media that the famous Qawal had become victim of target attack because he had refused to pay some money to a political party. Shameless efficiency of police department came out in Muzaffargarh when culprit […]

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Historical City Build by Prophet (SAW)

A very historical Mosque in Taif built by Prophet (SAW) is ignored by the caretakers of holy places. The place is one of the belongings of Muhammad (SAW) which are present in their original shape on the Holy land. The Holy land of Makkah and Medina has many other historical places which belong to our beloved prophet (SAW). Muslims coming […]

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Miracles Mosque of Prophet (SAW) at Taif

Recently footage of a small Mosque related to Prophet (SAW) became very popular in the social media. It was built by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) himself and present on the holy land in its original shape. The building of the Mosque of Prophet (SAW) is facing some breakage due to the wear and tear of time. The guardians of the holy […]

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Jinn Mosque has become popular in South Punjab

A Jinn Mosque at a state in South Punjab has become famous all over the world. There was a lot of disturbance at the Indian Mosque since several years. However, the news has never come into the media. Recently a TV Channel has visited the area for making a documentary. The TV Channel has a big name all over South […]

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South Punjab Public Shocked with Jinn Mosque

South Punjab Public of Hindu religion has shocked with paranormal activity at a Jinn Mosque. The Mosque has been traced at a remote town in South Punjab. It was discovered by the TV Channel team during making of a documentary on history. However, the documentary become interesting with the paranormal activates of the mosques. The Unknown creatures at the Jinn […]

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Last Moments of Libyan Ruler Gets Public

It was a worst ever and saddest end of the Libyan Ruler, Muammar Gaddafi from the hands of separatists in Libya. The Libyan ruler was captured by the separatists in a remote town near Tripoli. He was executed after an unjust trial in a Libyan court of law. As long the Libyan ruler remains alive he kept struggling against the […]

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Last Video of Libyan Ruler Gets Viral in Public

The Libyan Ruler Muammar Gaddafi was captured by Separatists and given very harsh punishment before handing over p the government. The Libyan ruler has to face a lot of problems towards the end of life. Libyan and its ruler was also one of biggest supporters of Pakistan. As long as Muammar Gaddafi remains ruler of Libya, he was one of […]

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Junaid Jamshaid Passes Away in Airplane crash

Unlucky pilot of a small Siena airplane lost his life after the collision with another plane of the same type during an air show held in Italy. Two aircraft performing together in the air came close and struck into each other suddenly. Debris of the aircraft’s fell between the horrified people swimming on the beach. The tragic accident between the two […]

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Beach-goers horrified after collision of airplanes in Italian air show

A pilot of a small RV 7s air plane lost the race of his life during the Italian air show last Sunday. 37 years old Marco Ricci was performing a dangerous acrobat during the show. His aircraft collided with another plane of the same type accidently, flown by 43-year old Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti. Both machines came close dangerously and smashed […]

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Husband misuse mobile footage against Wife

A shocking report has shown by a TV Channel about a husband which misused mobile footage against his wife. He was using the clip to take benefits form his wife. The shameful act of man shows his bad behavior and lust for money was more important than pride of his wife. His shameful act has criticized by the people in […]

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