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Young Muslim Girl with Love of religion

A young Muslim girl in Karachi was found in a video footage with amazing information on Islam. The video footage of the young baby aged only two years went viral on the internet. It was seen and shared by thousands with in no time on different social media website and blogs. The video footage got so much popular because of […]

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Horrible Grave incident in Brazil astonishes public

A strange grave incident in Brazil has astonished Brazilian people all of the country. The incident reported in media which tells about a Brazilian old man. He was found in weird condition at the time of funereal. However, after a recheck of medical specialists the confusion in people was cleared in Brazilian citizens. Brazil is one of most beautiful countries […]

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People in Brazil astonished with grave incident

A large number of people in Brazil were astonished to seen a man opting to get burry for monk in the grave. It was a shocking thing to watch for thousands of Brazilian citizens. However, it was taken as a religious respect for the monk by the old man. Brazil has several things to get famous in the world. One […]

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People Get Surprised by Elephant Baby in Norway

Human Like Baby Gets Born by Cow. Norway, a couple surprised the whole world and themselves too when they were blessed with an elephant like baby in the hospital. The appearance of that baby looked like a child elephant since he had the same kind of nose. The parents along with the hospital staff were also surprised to see that […]

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Norway Couple Gives Birth of Elephant Like Baby

In Norway, a couple gave birth to a child that looked like an elephant baby. The appearance of the baby surprised the whole world including the people of India who got scared to visit that country since they had fear of having the same kind of babies in the future. The elephant like baby was born in the hospital and […]

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Maulana Tariq Jameel Speaks about Pharaoh

Maulana Tariq Jameel delivered his sermon about the cruelty of Pharos.  The Famous Islamic Scholar was telling people about the cruel behavior of rulers of past with the people who followed the path of Prophets. The religious preacher often use references form history to guide Muslims about Islam. Humans often forget that one day everyone has to go under tones […]

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Maulana Tariq Jameel delivers lecture about Baba Gee

Maulana Tariq Jameel has once again tried to bring Muslims towards a pious life by giving examples of Pharos. Pharoses considered the biggest non-Believers in the world. Islamic Scholar used the examples to put fear of Allah in the heart of Muslims. Maulana Tariq Jameel always tells that Praying regularly is the only way to get success in the life […]

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Inside attraction of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Tomb

Off course, the life of Prophet was very simple, plain and full of modesty. By many Hadiths and Ayah we came to know that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not spend single penny on him. He looked busy to donate all the things in the name of Allah Almighty. In Islamic books many examples of his moralities and modesty have […]

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Simplicity of Prophet Mahammad (PBUH) Tomb

A replica model of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is formed in the museum in Saudi Arabia for his followers. The model is made of wood of palm trees and its roof with its leaves. The interior and structure of the Tomb is the complete example of the Prophet’s simplicity and modesty. Muslim around the whole world comes to see it. The […]

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CTD Has arrested Two Culprits of Amjed Sabari

Counter Terror Department has arrested two culprits of Amjed Sabari incident after several month s. it was one of very high profile cases ever witnessed in Pakistan. The famous Qawal has Become victim in a targeted incident in Karachi a few months ago. His case was followed by the law enforcement agencies and Pakistan Army as well. Culprit commits wrongdoings […]

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