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Indian Muslims suffering increases in Indian Society

A Muslim lady including several other Indian Muslims in India has treated badly and was left helpless in fire. The inhuman act was reported form a place in society which is considered as one of most educated parts in India. Such incidents are matter of serious shame for Indians. Indian society lacks religious tolerance since always. Especially, Indian Muslims have […]

by · November 17, 2016 · 0 comments · Entertainment

Snake with Human Head surprised people

A very strange creature having the body of a Cobra snake and the head of human has surprised the people. The snake was discovered by some aborigines in Malaysia and was taken to a protective wildlife facility. The animal watchers rushed towards the animal park to see the amazing snake. The cobra snake is basically originated from India but it […]

by · November 16, 2016 · 0 comments · News Line

People mesmerized with human Head snake

Some Malaysian aborigines captured a very strange cobra snake with human head on its body. The snake was discovered in the Wildlife Mountains and was brought to a animal park. The people all over Malaysia and rest of the world were mesmerized with strange kind of snakes. The Cobra snake with Human head was spotted by two men in the […]

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Shocking amusement leaves people sad in London Park

Shocking amusement leaves people sad in London Park when a man dropped from cradle. It was very dangerous cradle which was revolving around its circle and also moving up and down dangerously. It was very sad incident in which man was seriously wounded when he dropped from cradle in London Park unexpectedly. According to information, management of London Park was […]

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Sad incident happens in London Park

Sad incident happens in London Park when one man falls from cradle in London Park. According to reports, some days before people in London also submitted application in admin office of London Park. They mentioned about the present unstable condition of cradle and requested to stop the services of this cradle. People in London tried to drag attention of management […]

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Hybrid Aliens present everywhere in surroundings

Hybrid Aliens are among us and they are everywhere in surroundings. A video footage recorded recently at different places gives the beast and shocking evidence of these weird creatures presence in surroundings. They are also called demons. Hybrid Aliens, Strange and weird creatures are found in the shape of fallen angels some times. They look like demons at certain places […]

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Human surroundings full of Hybrid Aliens

Human surroundings has flooded with Hybrid Aliens, a shocking footage recently released shows its evidence. The footage clarifies several questions about demons and weird creatures seen in the nature by people. After watching the short documentary released recently, one can feel and observe the demons in the nature with a new prospective. One will start thinking about weird creatures with […]

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Dajjal Arrival Preparation Shocks World

Dajjal preparation shocked the whole world when the video of some Muslim Scholars was shared on the social media. Those Muslim Scholars have quoted the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The signs of the arrival of that devil have been shown in some countries despite of the fact that they have been the Muslim countries as well. Dajjal arrival in […]

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Signs of Arrival of Dajjal Gets Recognized

Arrival of Dajjal has been organized by some of the countries of the world. The signs of those preparations of the arrival have been exposed many Muslim Scholars in the short documentary. The Muslim Scholars said that according the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the arrival of that devil is supposed to happen in the sea. The Dajjal has been chained with […]

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Miracle baby surprises world

A young Muslim girl of only two years amused everyone with her learning and revising skill of Islamic knowledge. Being born in a Muslim home is a blessing for an every child. But being raised in a practical Muslim family is more than a blessing these days which we can’t see often. Very few parents tend to raise their child […]

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