Misuse of mobile footage creates misery for Wife

Life a wife was made miserable by her husband misusing a mobile footage against her. Husband has made a video clip of his wife using the mobile camera and was using it to take several financial benefits. The shameful act in society was cursed by people when the report was aired by a news channel.

Such bad acts in the society have increased a lot in last few years. Since the mobile phone has become an important part of life for people, it has also brought several bad things. One of its negative things for people has known as mobile phone footage. Mobile camera was introduced for people to take good use of it. However, people have started using it in the other way.

Mobile footage has affected several lives in the society. It has become so dangerous for people that mostly they become victim of it without knowing about it. Anyone can make a mobile clip anywhere using the advance and powerful cams these days. Cellular companies have made this technology so advance that people have started using the mobiles instead of digital cams.

Mobile camera has ruled out the digital camera from life of common man in the society. Professional digital cameras are only seen in hands of professionals these days. A mobile footage even can be used in any use in media of showbiz as well. This advance technology has worked in both ways.

People in the society have used it positively and negatively as well. No invention in the world has ever been made for bad. It’s the bad use which makes the results on the other way just like the mobile footage true story was shared by the news channel.

Husband treats his wife badly

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