Junaid Jamshaid Passes Away in Airplane crash

Unlucky pilot of a small Siena airplane lost his life after the collision with another plane of the same type during an air show held in Italy. Two aircraft performing together in the air came close and struck into each other suddenly. Debris of the aircraft’s fell between the horrified people swimming on the beach.

The tragic accident between the two planes was happened during the Ad Alba Adriatica air show at the Tortoreto beach in the east cost of Italy. Pilot of the one air plane, Marco Ricci, 37 was unlucky to survive the horrified accident. However, 43-year old Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti managed his aircraft to crash land on the sandy beach between the people. He survived with some minor injuries on his body. Both pilots were from an aerobatic team “Goodgeelas” based in Modena. Both of them were flying RV 7s aircraft.

Video Link: http://taizkhbar.com/3bX4l

When the air plane crashed into each other, people swing and enjoying on the beach looked at the sky with a sudden shock. Many ran to save then selves from the falling debris above them. When the other aircraft crash landed between them, they rushed to see the pilot was ok. Many helped the pilot coming out of the machine.

The body of the deceased pilot was recovered from the sea by cost guards and was later taken to nearest air base hospital by Red Cross. The injured pilot was also taken to the hospital in a Red Cross ambulance. He was in intensive care until the last news came.

People on the beach told the news channels. They heard a sudden blast first, when the two air plane collided each other in the air above them. Everyone looked at the sky above and found the aircraft coming down in pieces. The air show was cancelled right after the tragic accident between the two aircraft.

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