Inhuman act of Father Baffles British Citizens

Inhuman act of father baffles to British citizens when they saw it on multiple internet channels. The video was made by one of his friend who was near to him and put it on different internet portals. After coming on internet portals, the video got viral especially in British citizens who were got amazed to see inhuman act of father with his daughter.

Actually he puts his daughter in polythene plastic bag to his daughter for the sake of getting safe from wetting. According to news, he belongs from far off territory where he does not have school for his daughter. People also said as he does this practice on daily basis with his daughter so that he took his daughter safe and dry in her school.

On the other hand, European people were totally amazed and astonished over his act as it was really against the laws. According to them, no one can do this in the whole Europe as it becomes difficult to get oxygen in polythene plastic bag. European people further told as it becomes more serious when it goes in the water.

British Citizens also applauded over his sincere effort with his daughter and also appreciated as how he was trying to for his daughter’s education. European people also put pressure over different human organizations who are working in those areas. They also wrote a letter from Europe to all those human organizations so they can work to make bridge over there.

British Citizens also mentioned that tape in their different seminars and told to whole world as how people suffered to get education. It was really appreciable but the way he was helping to his daughter was really dreadful and condemn able. Where they applauded the effort of father, they also discouraged his idea to cross the river with his daughter.

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