Husband misuse mobile footage against Wife

A shocking report has shown by a TV Channel about a husband which misused mobile footage against his wife. He was using the clip to take benefits form his wife. The shameful act of man shows his bad behavior and lust for money was more important than pride of his wife. His shameful act has criticized by the people in the society.

This was one mare incident of society reported in the media. Wrong use of mobile has become very common in people. Very often it has noticed that people quietly make mobile footage at any public place and use them later against others. Several times people are badly affected with such incidents. Mostly women are becoming more victims of such incidents.

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Camera was not given in mobile phone to use it in the wrong way. However, like every other good facility, criminal minds in society have also taken out ways to use it in wrong direction. Very often these days it has seen that people also misuse the mobile footage over the internet. For some making footage would have a hobby may be also. But mostly it has seen that I was used in giving loss to others.

There must be some kind of ethics in the society in using the mobile phone. People should also be guided about other making mobile footage when they are not attentive. Such people must be punished badly to leave an example for others as well.

To stop the wrong use of Mobile phone camera, there must be some strict laws in the society. Otherwise, criminal minds will make life difficult for others. Mobile phone footage is a facility and it must not be used in wrong way against anyone.

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