Human Rights in India Seminar at Best Western Fort Washington

Hindus in the biggest democracy of the world India has made the life miserable Indian Muslims because of religious difference. Several Muslims men were trampled under the cow feet by Hindus at a religious festival. Innocent men were punished only for being a Muslim. Muslims are being oppressed in Kashmir from the day first.

When sub-continent was separated into states, it became more tyrants for last 30 years when the people of Kashmir started to ask for their rights of poll. The wave of atrocity again has been raised with the demise of Kashmiri young man who got slain by the hands of Indian army. Muslims of Kashmir are facing trying activities from Indian army and did not seem to bow before them.

This was not the only dirty incident that had happened with the Muslims in India during the religious festival. Every other day, Indian Muslims have to face similar kinds of incidents all over country because of racist Hindus. They have full support of the present government which is also happened to be running under a racist prime minister.

Modi has a past of working with an anti-Muslim organization before coming into politics. The events of racism in India not only with the Indian Muslims but many other minorities have increased in recent times. Since the present government has taken over the parliament two years ago, racist Hindus all over the country are also encouraged with their hatred behavior.

Not only the prime minister but most of the member parliament speaks against Indian Muslims in their speeches. They have forgotten that in many parts of India, it was not the Hindus but the Muslims have brought them into power.  Many Muslims voted for Hindu politicians against Muslim leader to make them ministers in the present government.

Thousands of Muslims in Gujarat India

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