Giant Anaconda captured at African wildlife Safari

A giant anaconda has captured at wildlife safari in Africa. The world largest snake masseurs just over thirty five meters and weighs over 350 pounds. The hunters have captured the snake after it had consumed a giant wild animal in forest.

The giant anaconda has brought to biggest wildlife park in Africa. The hunters had donated the snake to Animal Park. Large public appearance has witnessed at the animal park to watch the biggest snake in the world. Such type of creatures is very rare in the forests. However, hunters and tourists are always in search of giant wild animals. People had never seen a giant snake of that size in their life before. Several had taken pictures with the snake.

The wildlife park authorities had to arrange a huge carriage to carry the giant snake. It was also very difficult for the authorities to control the powerful anaconda on the truck. A team of animal specialists from America was flown to Africa for handling the snake. A special large size steel cage was prepared on the trucks to carry the snake safely.

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It has always been a difficult task to control an anaconda of such size. However, the presence of American specialists in Africa has helped a lot in this matter. The American specialists have also planned to take the snake to America after some time. However, African department of animal protection will demand government permission to take the snake out of country.

Public in Africa has also asked the government to keep the anaconda inside the country. The animal will bring a lot of tourists to the country as well. However, the wildlife department was still in discussion with American specialists.

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