Female Students Surprises people in Exam

Some Students were caught while trying to cheat in exam by teachers. Media also reported the large scale cheating in the educational institutions in Sindh. It was alarming news for the Sind Education board and its authorities. Teachers were reported to be have involved in shameful activity of cheating, reported by the news reporter.

The Students waste their time in different activities all the year. They do not put their attention on their studies. Due to involvement in other things their education gets effected very badly. They do not realize it during the year. However, at the end of the year, during the Exam they feel their mistake while having problems to conduct their paper.

The Students who do not give proper attention to their education during the academic year, they have to use unfair means in exam to get passing marks. They curse the examiners and teachers at that time for making a tough paper for them.

Video Link: http://taizkhbar.com/KC6OV

However, the Students who had done their studies properly for the entire year become successful in Exam. Such pupils giving proper attention to their studies also become successful in their life. While the losers’ remains in loss at every point in life. Their guilt of not giving the time to studies and wasting time becomes a punishment for life.

The society also has no place for the students who try to cheat in the examination. Any educational institutions do not like to affiliate their name with the pupils who cheat. Cheating in exam also becomes a matter of shame in family when caught.

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