Examiner catches students cheating in Exam

Students in Sindh are cheating openly in Exam reported by a news channel. The channel raided different educational institutions all over Sind and caught the pupils red handed. At many places, teachers were also involved helping their pupils in cheating. When the news reported asked the examiners, they gave lame excuses that they were doing it for the sake of better education of their children.

In the reality, teachers and parents are both equally responsible for the shameful act of the Students. When children are sent to schools and colleges for education they are not taken under a proper guidance by teachers and parents. Students then get involved in non-academic things instead of their studies. These children then have to depend on cheating at the end of the year in their exam.

Students who cheat in exam, may get good marks and pass the examination. However the standard of their education always remains zero. They are not able to meet the standards of higher studies in the life to come. On a result they have to go to substandard institutions. Again the exam becomes problem for them.

Cheating in exam not only effects the education of students but it also becomes a matter of shame for them. When such children get caught while cheating, they have to face a lot of torment form teachers, family and friends. None of the college or school gives admission to such children in their classes.

Students should always emphasize on their education properly. Instead of wasting their time on other things, they should put their attention towards their studies and prepare for exam with full attention.

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