College Students makes enjoyable activity at canteen

Some young college students were found making enjoyable activates. The female students were smoking banned items with other fellow of their class in the canteen. The students were trying actually to spend the time in enjoyable manner. Such things are seen very often with students.

The college students of present time are not like the students of past. They have become very active than the students of the past. The students in the present time do a lot of things are were not considered very ethical for the students of any class. They often cross all limits with the teachers as well.

Mostly the male college students do not respect their teachers and elders in the colleges. Parents sends their children to get education and become good citizen, however, going into the educational institutions, they have started learning a lot of bad things as well. These things seen in the educational institutions and colleges are shocking for everyone in the society.

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The students of present times in universities are getting involved in several bad things as well. College students are getting into bad things because the bad elements getting into the educational system, several bad things which were never thought of to be in colleges and universities are seen these days.

The future of education for the young generation has become very dark in the country. Everything has gone in very bad shape because of the negligence of the elders in the society. The college students of present generation seriously need guidance from their elders.

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