College students enjoys time with friends at canteen

Female college students were seen using banned items in college canteen. It was a shameful act of the female students getting involved in such things. The must be shocking for several parents who sends their daughters for studies in colleges and universities.

The parents of the female students would not have any such idea about the activities of their daughters. Canteens are made for the college students to spend their extra time in good manner. Mostly canteens are used by the students in colleges to have educational discussions.

However, very sadly, the college students of present time have started using the canteens in very unethical manner. The colleges have become a medium of giving unethical education to the students. Especially, the female students in colleges are getting involved in shocking activities. The administration in private institutions has left the proper monitoring inside the institutions as well.

Such things are creating very bad impact directly on the future of the college students. The future of present generation has become very dark and undecided in such conditions. There must be a proper check on the activities of students in the canteens by the administration. On the other hand, the parents should also not forget every responsibility sending their daughters for study.

For the bright future of youth and for the sake of country’s development such things must be taken out of the colleges and universities. The bad elements of the society must be kept out of the educational institutions. College students seriously need proper and positive guidance.

Pakistani Colleges – Parhny Jaty Hain Ya Nachny

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