Biggest anaconda at Wildlife Park surprises world

American tourists have surprised to witness the world’s biggest anaconda in African Wildlife Park. The tourists have come to Africa when they came to knew about the capture of giant snake captured from African forest.

Initially it was thought that the giant anaconda will be transported to America from Wildlife Park in Africa. However, after the protest by citizens the plans were dismissed. The snake will remain at the African animal park and Americans will not take it. Tourists from America have stated to come in large groups.

The giant anaconda needs a lot of care and protection. The wildlife park authorities have to feed the snake with four small size goats every day. The snake also needs water pond to live. The cage for the snake in Animal Park has been designed affording to the natural habitat. A group of construction experts for animals was brought to Africa from America. A huge amount has also spent on the construction of natural habitat.

The wildlife authorities have created a small natural forest for the anaconda in Animal Park. The snake has become popular all over Africa. Tourist’s arrival at the animal park has also increased with the presence of giant snake. With increase of tourist visits the income of Animal Park has also increase equally.

Increase in income has benefited the animals at the animal park in Africa. In other words the giant anaconda has brought lot luck for the other animals at the animal park. I was has become the biggest wildlife park all over African subcontinent after arrival of giant snake.

Huge Anaconda at Construction Site

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