Big question mark over human organizations in Syria

Big question mark arises over efficiency of human organizations in Syria where people are begging for their lives and respect. Unfortunately, females are being disrespected and ravaged brutally in Syria. Humanity is being slaughtered in Syria by the hands of few people who are using the name of Islam unfortunately. They attack at homes and looted everything from there including young females.

In the given video you can see how some people of non-state organizations are attacking at home. They are violating rules by entering without asking permission from the owners of the home. On the other side, they claim as they were the best ones who are practicing Islam in their state. They were many at three vehicles with full of alarming things which were really dangerous for home people.

They entered in the house and asked to everyone not to move a single step. Actually they were there to loot everything like wealth and young females. Unfortunately they name it rightful things which can be used by Muslim according to rules of Islam. Hilariously speaking, where are those human organizations that are specially designed to save humanity in the whole world.

Those human organizations get lot of funds from different platforms on the names of humanity. They cash the name of humanity and get lot of funds from big names around the world. Unfortunately, they are not watching the current situation of human beings in Syria as what few people are doing with them.

Even the government of Syria also declared it banana republic but no one big power is coming there to culminate that mischief. Those elements are really far off from the preaching of Islam. They really have no relation with Islam especially those ones who play with the respect of females. It is the big intrigue against Islam and nothing else.

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