Beach-goers horrified after collision of airplanes in Italian air show

A pilot of a small RV 7s air plane lost the race of his life during the Italian air show last Sunday. 37 years old Marco Ricci was performing a dangerous acrobat during the show. His aircraft collided with another plane of the same type accidently, flown by 43-year old Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti. Both machines came close dangerously and smashed into each other getting out of the control of their pilots.

Luigi was able to crash land his air plane on the sandy beach beside the sea water where the air show took place. Both pilots belonged to a local air acrobatic team, “Goodgeelas” from Modena, Italy. Body of Marco Ricci went into the sea water below along with the debris of his air plane. Luigi, who had managed to crash land, suffered a few injuries. He was in a state of shock in the hospital after the accident.

The accident occurs during the Alba Adriatica air show between the two air planes. The horrified accident took place above Tintoretto on Italy’s Adriatic east cost. Horrified watchers, including beach goers, saw the accident take place over the sea above Tintoretto as the two machines soared over the sea water, close to a busy stretch of sand.

The two-seat air planes were flying close to each other in the air show. One of the aircraft appeared to lose it power, falling straight into the path of the other. Both machines then dumped towards the sea water. The body of the deceased pilot was recovered by the rescue divers along the beach.

The dead body was transferred to hospital by the Red Cross Ambulance. The injured pilot was also taken to the medical facility after the collision between the aircraft.  People watching on the beach filmed the falling air plane into the sea. The air show was abandoned after the saddened incident between the two aircraft.

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