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Indian Boy Born with weird Medical disorder

An Indian boy needs urgent medical help born medical disorder needs urgent help. The boy has born with a medical disability which has made some weird changes in his body parts. His body has converted into a giant creature and made him look very different form normal human beings. The boy has been suffering since very long in absence of […]

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Medical disorder makes Indian boy suffer

An Indian boy of very Small boy has been suffering with a weird medical disorder. The medical disability has partially disabled the boy of seven to eight years. In absence of any kind of medical insurance or government help, the patient has to bear a lot of pain and problem. Parents of child were very much worried about his medical […]

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Criminals given Capital Punishment publicly in Iran

Top Shia Cleric Nimr Al-Nimar and some other criminals in Iran were given capital punishment publically. Saudi government has always treated the criminals very strictly. Through strict laws and punishments the government has always kept the law above all. Giving capital punishment in public also creates a lot of fear in public to commit any crimes for the next time. […]

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Capital Punishment Awarded to Criminals in Iran

The Government of Iran was forced to award Capital punishment to criminals because of increasing situation of law and order. Provoking speeches of Sheikh Al-Nimar favoring Iran has become major reason of creating insurgency in country since last few years. The criminals and Shia cleric were awarded capital punishment publically to put fear in minds of other criminals. Though crime […]

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Human Rights violations against Muslims in Africa

Muslims in Africa are facing worst kind of Human rights violation anywhere in the world. This drastic report was reviled in a documentary made by an Arabic TV Channel. The TV documentary showed the real face of Africans treating the minorities and making life difficult for them. Africa claims to be the biggest democracy of the world. In any kind […]

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African Muslims facing Horrible Human Rights Violations

An Arabic TV channel has shown the misery of African Muslims in a terrible documentary film. The documentary aired by the Arabic channel has shown the real face of Africa to the entire world. The worst behavior of African Hindus with the minorities was shown to the world in the film. Muslims and other minorities in Africa are having worst […]

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Giraffe Takes Down angry Lion in Forest

Tiger attacks over human when he was getting trained by his trainer. Actually lion jumped over his trainer and it seems as it has attacked over him. He was being passed through his period of learning by some people. These were those people who tamed to wild animals with skill and talent. Otherwise, it always has been difficult to face […]

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Lion Wrestles with Giraffe in Forest

Trainer is attacked by tamed lion when he was busy to tame him further. He was learning to lion as how to jump when it would perform in circus. He was in this effort when lion jumped directly on him. He was on the ground including heavy lion. People grasped both of them so that they could not have any […]

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Wild animal gets inside home in India

Wild animal gets inside home when his master releases him from his cage. Lion did not wait inside the cage and came out in rush. When he came out from the cage, it jumped over his master like it attacks on his prey in forest. It is exactly the same creed which get their preys on daily basis in forests. […]

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Lion enters inside home abruptly

Lion enters inside home abruptly when it was released from its cage. It came out like hero and jumped at his master. Arabic people like to have wild animals and they love them too much. Lebanon is the country from where they import lions at large. It is considered at top in deporting to wild animals especially to lions. Arabic […]

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